Treading lightly on our part of the world

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Here at Rotorua Top 10 we are constantly made aware of the importance of looking after the environment around us. Rotorua is filled with amazing natural wonders, and these are the very reason that our part of New Zealand is so popular. The geothermal pools and geysers, the amazing warm streams, and pristine lakes as well as wonderful forests and fauna and flora.

Everywhere around us is the amazing beauty of nature. Our place formed over more centuries than we can count.

We all share this country and land, and we are all people of this planet. We share the same responsibility to ensure that our children and their children have not just the same, but better opportunity to experience nature and all it is wonders and experience an ever-increasing richness and fulfillment from immersion in our natural world.

So, in this blog we decided to outline 3 ways that you can help to tread lightly and leave less of a footprint when you come to stay with us and visit our place.

1.      When you come to the park try to cut down the amount of plastic that you bring with you. There are many alternatives available to you. Be it your own shopping bags, string vegetable bags, recyclable containers, keep-cups, and reusable water bottles. Sometimes it just takes a little thought before you travel on how you can consciously reduce the amount of waste that you create.

2.      Buy local – many of us just buy what we like and what we usually always get. Be it anything from peanut butter to body wash. Usually, it is that we are in a rush or just do not have the time to look. However, when you come here maybe take a little time to look locally, even in the supermarkets to find a great new version of what you like but that is made right here in New Zealand – the range available is growing month by month and many are sustainable with far better packaging solutions.

Big on this list would be when you go shopping, and you are in Rotorua have a look at what you are buying – is it really made in Aotearoa? Or was it produced across the other side of the globe and brought here at a huge cost to the environment and really, a huge cost to us in that excess energy and fossil fuels were used to get it here.

There as so many great local providers in Rotorua that we are sure you will find all sorts of perfect treasures that are local and tread lightly in our world. They also help to support local business owners.

3. Try a vegetarian meal option. Globally we consume far too much meat, it is not great for our health and it is also one of the contributing factors to Global Warming. If we change our habit and just try to eat veg each week then we not only find something new and interesting to eat that we may not have considered but we also then provide revenue to those out there that are working hard to offer other options that the traditional meat-based meals.

Of course, we are far from trying to tell you how to live your lives – we want you to come here, totally relax and spend time with those close to you.

We just wanted to put this out to help with ideas as, after all, it is all of us that makes the difference.

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