Camping for beginners

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Camping for beginners

True to our five-star ‘premium’ grading, the facilities at Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park are second to none. Offering a communal kitchen, dining rooms and bathrooms, an internet lounge, a swimming pool, picnic tables and the option to book a powered site for all your electricity needs; we’re an excellent choice for less experienced campers. We’ve also put together a list of tips for camping novices… With these in mind and after a couple of stays at our Rotorua holiday park, you’ll be a camping pro before you know it!

1.       Arrive during the day

Our front desk operates around the clock, but if you’re planning on camping, we strongly recommend arriving at a time of day with plenty of daylight hours remaining. There’s nothing more stressful than attempting to put up a tent with only a torch and a couple of phone lights to guide you—especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process! Arriving in the middle of the day allows for a much more calm and pleasant setup experience, and when you’re done, you’ll be able to sit back and admire your handywork with a drink in hand as the sun goes down. Bliss!

2.      Check your gear before you leave

Make a checklist of everything you plan to take with you and give any equipment a test run before you pack your vehicle. A missing tent peg, a faulty cooker or a hole in your air mattress can put a real dampener on your camping experience—it’s not always easy to source replacements or get items repaired under short notice! If you have the space, you could even have a trial run in your backyard. Set up a pretend camp site and stay out there for the night, and you’ll soon realise if anything is amiss or there is anything else you need to source. Plus, it’ll help make you more confident when it’s time for the real thing!


3.      The weather channel is your friend

Camping is a lot of fun in any weather, but it’s helpful to know what to expect so that you can prioritise what to take along. Sunshine and warm temperatures require plenty of swimwear and sunscreen—while rain, wind and cold can see you packing more books, puzzles and warm bedding. Just remember: bad weather does not equal a bad time! With the right preparation it can be a fantastic opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones—and Rotorua has plenty of rainy-day activities if you do need some breathing room. If ongoing, heavy rain is expected, there may be a risk of flooding—in which case you are best to reschedule!

4.      Pack an emergency kit

Sometimes we need to plan for the unplanned, and that’s when a well-stocked emergency kit comes in. Fill yours with essential first-aid supplies and if you take any important medications, make sure you have enough to see you through your holiday plus a few extra days.  You should also include any other useful items that could help to repair or replace important equipment. Think: a swiss army knife or multi-tool, batteries, heavy-duty tape, extra tent pegs, matches or a lighter, a back-up torch—you get the idea! We don’t want you to have to cut your trip short for any reason, so it pays to be prepared!

"The accommodations are top of the line, with a heated swimming pool, excellent showers, shiny toilets and perfectly beautiful grass all over. The staff was welcoming and helpful and because it's located where it is, the night sky is amazing when the sky is clear."

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