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7 New Zealand Adventures to Change your Life

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While there are life-altering experiences to be had all over the globe, New Zealand offers some of the most exhilarating adventures. Are you ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Here are 7 you need to consider:

A team getting ready to climb Fox Glacier. Credit: creativejunkie

1.      Sky diving

If the mere mention of sky diving makes your hairs stand up, then it might be a sign that you need to do it. Queenstown is our ultimate pick of places to go sky diving, but New Zealand offers many other options. It’s guaranteed to be massive fun and in case you’re worried you might back out, book it now and think about it later. There’s something about rolling out of a plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet and falling towards the planet at 200MPH that changes you. After doing this, you’ll have the courage you need to deal with whatever life might throw your way.

2.      Get your adrenaline pumping with a bit of climbing

If you’ve never climbed before, the Southern Alps mountain range is a good place to start. As you hone your climbing skills, you’ll have a manageable altitude and experience what it’s like to scale the dizzying heights of sheer cliff faces. Don’t be deceived into thinking it’s going to be easy though. You’ll need to take a course and have mountain guides to help along the way, but you can be certain of returning home having changed a little.

3.      Hiking in the glorious mountains

Talk to any seasoned hiker and New Zealand is bound to be one of the top places they like to visit for their favourite pastime. Whether it’s Lake Crucible in Wanaka or Mt. Taranaki, hiking in the country will change your life as you’ll enjoy a deeper connection with nature. You’ll be enamoured with the classic quaint backcountry hut system, the ridiculously complicated braided riverbeds, the towering mountains, ancient rainforests and world-renowned fiords.

As you battle with the challenging terrains, you’ll get a lesson on humility and as you stand face to face with the mountains, you’ll be forced to reflect on and gain perspective on how tiny you really are compared to the rest of the world. There’s no way you won’t be forced to be present, unless you want to fall and hurt yourself, which will most likely happen, anyway. As tough as hiking may sound, we don’t know anyone who regretted doing it.

4.      Meet people who are worlds apart from you

If you’re a culture buff or simply need to step outside your daily realities, it’s a good idea to go on a Maori heritage tour. You’ll get to enjoy an adventure that takes you across the North Island where you’ll experience the heart of New Zealand’s indigenous culture.

In between discovering the historical side of Wellington and wandering through age old forests, you’ll get to experience a Maori feast called a hangi. Meeting people who are so different from you and eating and drinking with them can be a life-changing experience you’ll not forget in a hurry as you begin to appreciate the uniqueness of the different people of the world.

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5.      A road trip through the Southern Alps

The Snow Capped, Southern Alps. Credit: Jason Pratt

6.      Go diving

Whether you go alone or with company, diving is a fantastic way to see nature like you never have before. The adventure can be life changing and it can be incredible the nature that lives their lives below the sea, oblivious to what goes on in our world.

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve is a great destination for diving, where you’ll get to explore more than a hundred species of reef and pelagic fish. You’ll not want to miss seeing the area’s most impressive shipwreck sites, dramatic drop-offs and technicolour reefs. This adventure will require you getting a technical diving certification, but it’s absolutely worth it.

7.      Bungy jumping

Credit: Holdosi

There’s nothing that says “live more and fear less” more than bungy jumping. If you think sky diving is scary, think again! There’s a good chance your heart might threaten to burst out of your chest due to its rapid beating, right before you jump. Even if you’re terrified to death, the unforgettable feeling of bliss that comes over you as you fall weightless through the air is well worth it.

What are you waiting for? Book a life-changing adventure soon.

Why you should book Holiday Park accommodation in New Zealand

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Of course we had to start off the list with stating the obvious… Yes, we think Holiday Parks are awesome. Why? Because Holiday Parks are not just an accommodation option- they offer so much more! They can cater to large groups, small groups, couples, families... pretty much every traveler needing accommodation. The prices range to suit all types of budgets and holiday park facilities are practical, comfortable, clean and will exceed your expectations. There are large communal areas to gather in, playgrounds, trampolines, jumping pillows, pools, spa pools and so much more!

Keep reading to get a small glimpse of what New Zealand Holiday Parks have to offer…

Holiday Parks in New Zealand have the Best Locations!

On the edge of beautiful lakes, on the sandy shores of the pacific ocean, on the snowy hills of the south island, or in the middle of hot spot tourist destinations- Holiday Parks are all over New Zealand and situated in areas with million dollar views.

#FUN FACT New Zealand has over 350 Holiday Parks throughout the islands and range from traditional Camp Grounds to Resort Style Parks with Restaurants, Heated Pools, Water Slides, Kids Clubs and more

Photo Credit: Hot Water Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo Credit: Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park

Holiday Parks are Family Friendly Accommodation!

Holiday Parks are the perfect accommodation choice when traveling with children of all ages. Most Holiday Parks offer children play equipment or trampolines. An increasing number of Holiday Parks have full blown children playgrounds with new state of the art digital play, water features, sports courts or the infamous Jumping Pillows (a giant high grade inflatable air pillow which is great fun for the entire family).

During peak times- which include school holidays- many holiday parks will introduce a kids program to help keep the kids entertained and give you parents some rest and relaxation. Painting, sandcastle building, arts, crafts,

Photo: Kaikoura TOP 10 Holiday Park


Photo: Motueka TOP 10 Holiday Park

They have Hot Pools, Cold Pools, Spa Pools, Beaches and Lakes!

We have all jumped on Google and searched for accommodation with Pool, Spa Pool or Heated Pool before but did you know there are holiday parks with all of these options and more! If you find the perfect Holiday Park and they don't have a pool- it may likely be because they are in close proximity to a beach, river or lake for you to enjoy. Other parks have free access to local swimming areas too so make sure you check out their websites  before you look elsewhere.

Photo: Waihi TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Ohope TOP 10 Holiday Park

Bring a Tent, Caravan, Campervan or just bring your bag!

Holiday Parks are the perfect place to meet the family and pitch a tent or bring the caravan/ campervan and enjoy some time out. Over recent years, parks all over the country have been investing in quality powered, non powered and roofed accommodation. There are a range of different types of accommodation options available and as an added bonus, if they are booked out through the peak periods, you will often find special rates for this accommodation during quieter months. Most Holiday Parks will have linen, crockery etc for hire on site or free for use in the communal areas. Some even have cafes or restaurants onsite! 

So before you book your next stay... check out to see if one of these amazing parks are in the surrounding area.

Photo: Te Anau TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park

"Best TOP 10 Holiday Park so far! The location is fabulous! Near to the city, and especially near to the Saturday Kuirau morning market, a mere 5 mins walk to the park. Loved the thermal pools (38C and 40C), perfect for a nice soak on a cold winter day."

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