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Why we are fundraising for Cerebral Palsy New Zealand

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The Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park has supported Cerebral Palsy New Zealand for a number of years through the organization's annual fundraiser- Steptember. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent life-long condition which affects peoples movement and posture. It is caused by brain damage which occurs during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Here's why we are giving the Fundraiser 110% this year...

Unfortunately, last year we did not manage to participate the annual fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy as one of our Managers was away on Maternity Leave after the arrival of her gorgeous daughter, Eva-Jasmine (pictured above at 2 months old).

Eva's birth was very traumatic, 9 weeks early and life threatening for her Mother. Thankfully they were both strong and cared for in Auckland Hospital and then later at Rotorua Hospital, so were finally released home after 8 weeks. In March this year Eva was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts both of her legs.

Eva has nerve damage in areas other than her legs so is given eye drops to help correct her vision, is working on chewing food, hand-eye coordination and picking things up... every single day with a smile. In July this year, Eva's Mum and Dad came in contact with Cerebral Palsy New Zealand and they have been so kind, caring and willing to give advice or assist Eva in managing her disability, alongside Mum and Dad. Doctors have projected that with the right support now, Eva has a shot at assisted walking as she grows up.

Cerebral Palsy NZ gave Eva $500 worth of vouchers to assist her with her therapy and have been so helpful with advice and guidance for Eva and her family. 

Eva has been working hard to learn how to sit up by herself, move around the floor unassisted (she hasn't quite mastered the art of crawling yet but is very determined and capable of getting to where she wants to go). In July this year, Eva's Mum and Dad were given the opportunity to attend therapy at a specialized clinic in Hamilton twice a week. Because of this, Eva's Dad has resigned from his job and is now Eva's full time carer. Eva's Mum Manages the Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park every day and has always been a supporter of those living/ supporting Cerebral Palsy since long before Eva was born. 


So this year we're back! Back with a focus, a mission and a goal! And we need your support... Our staff have a goal of fundraising $500 per team to give back to Cerebral Palsy New Zealand for their support of our precious Eva. We know that there are families out there that are struggling and organizations such as this one will always be there to help. 

Even the smallest donation helps (if you can't donate, sharing this post would mean a lot):

Just a disclaimer, all of the money raised here goes to the Cerebral Palsy New Zealand Society. The website linked to this blog collects the money and distributes it to New Zealand Families in need. Steptember runs all throughout the month of September. Eva and her families have been a recipient of this support, so this is our way of giving back x Thank you all.

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