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Reasons camping in New Zealand is awesome

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New Zealand is a country that has it all. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear lakes, natural rivers, waterfalls and endless stretches of forest and farm lands for all to explore. The sky is clearer, the air is fresher... Can you tell this is written by a Kiwi (New Zealander) yet? Hehe

Here are a few reasons to camp on our two 'little-to-you' but 'big-to-us' islands... all the way at the bottom of the Earth. Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

We are spoilt for choice here in New Zealand. At all times, no matter where you are located, the beach is less than a couple hours drive. There are many beach front camp sites scattered around New Zealand and dozens of beach front Holiday Parks too.

Our Stars

With less light pollution than many places around the globe, here in New Zealand the night sky lights up like 'still fireworks' when the clouds have cleared away. We are also ranked Number #1 of the first people in the world to see the Sun Rise and Set each day. The perfect place to camp out on New Years eve and spend the first Sunrise of the year with your loved ones.. Romantic? Sentimental? Yup, we definitely think so. 


Doesn't this picture say it all. If you're looking to become at one with nature or clear your head of all your troubles and stresses... pack up your camping/ hiking gear, grab a friend and come visit us here in New Zealand! 

Vast Terrain 

Farmland meets ocean, ocean meets river, river meets lake... The scenery here in New Zealand is broad and beautiful. Our roads have frequent stops where you can pull over and gaze out at stunning views. Camping with a view is something that's really not  hard to come by because there is so much beauty to be seen! 

Hidden Treasures

New Zealand has some stunning hidden treasures. Our state highway goes past beautiful Bays, Cities, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Native Forests and Wildlife. Just last week we stopped on the side of the road (between Napier and Taupo) and found a lookout point to the most spectacular waterfall. 

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

Of course we were going to feature our home town here! We are spoilt for lake choices in Rotorua, New Zealand. One of the most interesting things about New Zealand Lakes is the powerful stories behind the Lake and how it came to be. There are many places throughout the country where you can camp lake side. Amazing holiday parks offer the best of both worlds, a spectacular view and a hot shower. 

Perfect for Families and Friends

New Zealand has everything you need and more to make memorable, life long memories with your family and friends. Glaciers and Mountain tops, Forests and Oceans... Everything to make a holiday of a lifetime but not cost you your whole piggy bank. 

So what are you waiting for? Start saving and come check us out. x


"Brilliant campsite; one of our favourites in NZ! The free thermal pools are brilliant, we spent two evenings in these."

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