Tips for practicing sustainable tourism

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Tips for practicing sustainable tourism

Sustainability is very important to us here at Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park. We’re always thinking about the impacts of our actions now and in the future—and any new purchase, upgrade or refurbishment we make is done after careful consideration, a lot of research and plenty of advice from the experts! Rotorua is a special part of the world and we believe all residents and visitors have a duty to keep it that way—and the same rule applies no matter where in the world you are travelling. If you’ve been thinking about how you can help do your bit, here are some simple actions you can take on your Rotorua holiday and any other upcoming trips to look after the environment and support local communities.

Research your destination

Take the time to understand the unique environment you’ll be exploring before you set off. Familiarise yourself with designated conservation areas and heritage sites and take extra special care when visiting these areas. Find out how you can best support the local economy too, whether it’s by shopping at the local markets or utilising a small, family-owned tour company to complement your experience.

Minimise your carbon footprint – stay in one place and walk/cycle/use pub transport

Avoid flying to your holiday destination if possible. Instead, try escaping somewhere closer to home and staying for a while rather than taking a road trip across the country. Once you’ve arrived, you can reduce your carbon emissions and do your bit for climate change by walking and cycling instead of using your car, or taking public transport whenever possible. If you need to hire a car, try an electric vehicle or a hybrid.

Invest in reusables

There's a high chance there wont be a lot of home cooking going on while you’re on holiday, so prepare for eating on the go by investing in some reusable cutlery, a metal straw and a keep cup – and don’t forget to take them with you when heading out and about! If you plan to pick up some souvenirs, take a reusable shopping bag with you too.

Conserve energy and waste

Try to practice the same environmentally friendly habits you would at home. Switch off lights and other power sources when they’re not in use and stick to short showers whenever possible. If you’re planning on camping, use cooler bags and bins to keep perishables cold instead of a portable fridge that needs a power source. Think about camping at a time of year when the climate is mild too. This way, you won’t need to worry about heating or cooling your tent.

Choose the right accommodation

Do your research and choose accommodation providers that are accredited for their dedication to sustainability – and proud of it too! Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park is the only holiday park in Rotorua to wear the Qualmark EnviroSilver  seal of approval, demonstrating our commitment to protecting people and the planet. We have an extensive list of actions we have taken to reduce waste, energy use and water use and we encourage you to seek out this type of information before you make your holiday accommodation booking.


Camping for beginners

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Camping for beginners

True to our five-star ‘premium’ grading, the facilities at Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park are second to none. Offering a communal kitchen, dining rooms and bathrooms, an internet lounge, a swimming pool, picnic tables and the option to book a powered site for all your electricity needs; we’re an excellent choice for less experienced campers. We’ve also put together a list of tips for camping novices… With these in mind and after a couple of stays at our Rotorua holiday park, you’ll be a camping pro before you know it!

1.       Arrive during the day

Our front desk operates around the clock, but if you’re planning on camping, we strongly recommend arriving at a time of day with plenty of daylight hours remaining. There’s nothing more stressful than attempting to put up a tent with only a torch and a couple of phone lights to guide you—especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process! Arriving in the middle of the day allows for a much more calm and pleasant setup experience, and when you’re done, you’ll be able to sit back and admire your handywork with a drink in hand as the sun goes down. Bliss!

2.      Check your gear before you leave

Make a checklist of everything you plan to take with you and give any equipment a test run before you pack your vehicle. A missing tent peg, a faulty cooker or a hole in your air mattress can put a real dampener on your camping experience—it’s not always easy to source replacements or get items repaired under short notice! If you have the space, you could even have a trial run in your backyard. Set up a pretend camp site and stay out there for the night, and you’ll soon realise if anything is amiss or there is anything else you need to source. Plus, it’ll help make you more confident when it’s time for the real thing!


3.      The weather channel is your friend

Camping is a lot of fun in any weather, but it’s helpful to know what to expect so that you can prioritise what to take along. Sunshine and warm temperatures require plenty of swimwear and sunscreen—while rain, wind and cold can see you packing more books, puzzles and warm bedding. Just remember: bad weather does not equal a bad time! With the right preparation it can be a fantastic opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones—and Rotorua has plenty of rainy-day activities if you do need some breathing room. If ongoing, heavy rain is expected, there may be a risk of flooding—in which case you are best to reschedule!

4.      Pack an emergency kit

Sometimes we need to plan for the unplanned, and that’s when a well-stocked emergency kit comes in. Fill yours with essential first-aid supplies and if you take any important medications, make sure you have enough to see you through your holiday plus a few extra days.  You should also include any other useful items that could help to repair or replace important equipment. Think: a swiss army knife or multi-tool, batteries, heavy-duty tape, extra tent pegs, matches or a lighter, a back-up torch—you get the idea! We don’t want you to have to cut your trip short for any reason, so it pays to be prepared!

Best Day Trips From Rotorua

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Best Day Trips from Rotorua

Rotorua is situated in an enviable part of New Zealand. Close to some big cities and central enough to reach both the east and west coasts without too much trouble, the options for day trips from Rotorua will satisfy singles, couples, groups and families. Whether you have a whole day to kill or just a few hours to fill in, complete your Rotorua holiday by setting off on a quick New Zealand road trip! Here are our top five day trips from Rotorua, in no particular order.

Mt Maunganui


Mount Maunganui – or “The Mount" as it is affectionately known – is a little coastal paradise just an hour’s drive from Rotorua. The popular beach town offers white sand, great surf and plenty of buzzing bars and restaurants just a stone’s throw away from the beach. No trip to Mount Maunganui is complete without conquering the iconic summit walk. It’ll take you around 45 minutes to reach the top but, once there, you’ll be rewarded with epic 360-degree views across the Bay of Plenty region.


What sort of list would this be if Taupo didn’t rate a mention? Situated only an hour south of Rotorua, Taupo offers activities galore! Check out the Huka Falls (by jet boat if you’re game!) or for a more relaxed boating experience, sail across Lake Taupo to see the incredible M?ori rock carvings that are only accessible by water. Book a scenic helicopter flight over Taupo's best sights, take a dip in the hot pools or for something totally different, take the family fishing for prawns at New Zealand’s only prawn park.


Whether or not you’ve seen and enjoyed the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies, a tour of the Hobbiton movie set has fast become one of those quintessential kiwi experiences that everyone must have at least once! Only 50 minutes from Rotorua, you can choose to drive yourself or book a tour package that includes return transport. The tour of the 12-acre set showcases the most photo-worthy scenes from the films—and did we mention you get a free beverage?

Hamilton Zoo

What family holiday is complete without a trip to the zoo? Hamilton Zoo is New Zealand’s largest, with over 600 resident animals including giraffes, tigers and of course the lovable meerkat. Daily encounters let you meet some of the wild animals up close, and regular zookeeper talks offer fun facts and insights into the animals’ little-known quirks. A fun and educational family day out – and only a three hour round trip from Rotorua!


Slightly further afield than our other day trip suggestions, but Raglan, on New Zealand’s west coast, is still well worth a look. Often touted as New Zealand’s answer to Byron Bay, the vibrant beachside town sits alongside a rugged, black-sand beach renowned for its surfing. Take a surfing lesson or an ocean dip on a nice day, or simply stroll through the colorful township and its unique shops and galleries. Nature lovers can take a leisurely walk through the lush native bush to the top of the bridal veil falls, just a 15-minute drive from Raglan.

Lake Rotorua, Activities to enjoy around the great lake!

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The beautiful Rotorua museum and gardens. Credit

Lake Rotorua is a fantastic place for all of the family, packed with attractions that are suitable for all budgets, preferences, and ages. From relaxing and taking a stroll around the lake, to adrenaline-filled adventures, there's always something to do on Lake Rotorua.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the top activities to enjoy around the lakes.

Atoa Lake Rotorua Jet & Parasailing

Lake Rotorua on a Summers Day. Credit

This picturesque Lake has lots of parasailing and jet skis to enjoy. Enjoy the speed, spins, and thrill of the activities, powered by jet boats, as you take in the scenes and culture of the lake.

Rotorua Paddleboarding

You can do a guided tour as you paddle around the lake. This is an activity that is suitable for any age or just about any level, and you can enjoy the caves, lake and a gorgeous sunset as you take in the sights and get a bit of exercise.

Waitomo Caves and Rotorua Tour

Waitomo Caves. Credit

With this package, you can enjoy two great attractions in a single day. This is a package that gives you the best of New Zealand wildlife and Maori culture in one, with the Waitomo glow worm caves and the Rotorua trip. The geothermal parks in Rotorua are incredible and will give you great views of the lakes.

A Helicopter Flight Over the Lakes

Rotorua Lake is created by a volcanic crater. You can get a 15-minute helicopter ride over the lakes and take in the breathtaking views.

Walking Trails around the Lakes

If you want to experience the lakes and enjoy a relaxing ramble, there are lots of walking trails around Rotorua Lake. You'll find trails of various difficulties, and they are very well marked, so you'll have plenty to do.

Canopy Tours

The Beautiful Rotorua Forests. Credit

If you’re really stuck for things to do in Rotorua, one of the things that can instantly cure your boredom is a Canopy Tour. You'll be up where the trees meet the sky and will be going along the lines and zip wires enjoying the birdlife and thrill of the forest canopy. The minimum age for a Canopy Tour is six years old, so as always, your little ones aren’t too little. You’ll have a family adventure that will last in the memory for a lifetime.

Rotorua is famed for its geothermal activity. Water travels down into the earth gets warmed, and then gets rotated back up and forced through gaps as geysers, mud pools, hot springs, and vents. This hotbed of volcanic activity is exciting and inspiring, and Rotorua is a fantastic place to visit that will leave you awe-inspired.

Rotorua Lake is a great place to spend time as you visit Rotorua, and the activities above will help you relax, burn some calories, and get some fantastic photos of the absolutely magnificent views.

Rotorua Easter Egg Hunt 2019

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This year the Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park bought over 800 Easter Eggs and invited its guests to join them in a park wide Easter Egg Hunt! Over 100 Children participated in the hunt and no Easter Eggs were spared. 

There were also dozens of special Egg surprises for some of our lucky guests; Gummy Bear Easter Treats, Pineapple Lump Eggs and Chocolate Button Eggs. 

We had organized special prizes for those who collected 'special rainbow' coils, here are our two winners of the GIANT 1kg Easter Egg... We hope you managed to enjoy your Easter!

Why we are fundraising for Cerebral Palsy New Zealand

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The Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park has supported Cerebral Palsy New Zealand for a number of years through the organization's annual fundraiser- Steptember. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent life-long condition which affects peoples movement and posture. It is caused by brain damage which occurs during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Here's why we are giving the Fundraiser 110% this year...

Unfortunately, last year we did not manage to participate the annual fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy as one of our Managers was away on Maternity Leave after the arrival of her gorgeous daughter, Eva-Jasmine (pictured above at 2 months old).

Eva's birth was very traumatic, 9 weeks early and life threatening for her Mother. Thankfully they were both strong and cared for in Auckland Hospital and then later at Rotorua Hospital, so were finally released home after 8 weeks. In March this year Eva was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts both of her legs.

Eva has nerve damage in areas other than her legs so is given eye drops to help correct her vision, is working on chewing food, hand eye co-ordination and picking things up... every single day with a smile. In July this year Eva's Mum and Dad came in contact with Cerebral Palsy New Zealand and they have been so kind, caring and willing to give advice or assist Eva in managing her disability, alongside Mum and Dad. Doctors have projected that, with the right support now, Eva has a shot at assisted walking as she grows up.

Cerebral Palsy NZ gave Eva $500 worth vouchers to assist her with her therapy and have been so helpful with advice and guidance for Eva and her family. 

Eva has been working hard to learn how to sit up by herself, move around the floor unassisted (she hasn't quite mastered the art of crawling yet but is very determined and capable of getting to where she wants to go). In July this year, Eva's Mum and Dad were given the opportunity to attend therapy at a specialized clinic in Hamilton twice a week. Because of this, Eva's Dad has resigned from his job and is now Eva's full time carer. Eva's Mum Manages the Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park every day and has always been a supporter of those living/ supporting Cerebral Palsy since long before Eva was born. 


So this year we're back! Back with a focus, a mission and a goal! And we need your support... Our staff have a goal of fundraising $500 per team to give back to Cerebral Palsy New Zealand for their support of our precious Eva. We know that there are families out there that are struggling and organizations such as this one will always be there to help. 

Even the smallest donation helps (if you can't donate, sharing this post would mean a lot):

Just a disclaimer, all of the money raised here goes to the Cerebral Palsy New Zealand Society. The website linked to this blog collects the money and distributes it to New Zealand Families in need. Steptember runs all throughout the month of September. Eva and her families have been a recipient of this support, so this is our way of giving back x Thank you all.

7 New Zealand Adventures to Change your Life

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While there are life-altering experiences to be had all over the globe, New Zealand offers some of the most exhilarating adventures. Are you ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Here are 7 you need to consider:

A team getting ready to climb Fox Glacier. Credit: creativejunkie

1.      Sky diving

If the mere mention of sky diving makes your hairs stand up, then it might be a sign that you need to do it. Queenstown is our ultimate pick of places to go sky diving, but New Zealand offers many other options. It’s guaranteed to be massive fun and in case you’re worried you might back out, book it now and think about it later. There’s something about rolling out of a plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet and falling towards the planet at 200MPH that changes you. After doing this, you’ll have the courage you need to deal with whatever life might throw your way.

2.      Get your adrenaline pumping with a bit of climbing

If you’ve never climbed before, the Southern Alps mountain range is a good place to start. As you hone your climbing skills, you’ll have a manageable altitude and experience what it’s like to scale the dizzying heights of sheer cliff faces. Don’t be deceived into thinking it’s going to be easy though. You’ll need to take a course and have mountain guides to help along the way, but you can be certain of returning home having changed a little.

3.      Hiking in the glorious mountains

Talk to any seasoned hiker and New Zealand is bound to be one of the top places they like to visit for their favourite pastime. Whether it’s Lake Crucible in Wanaka or Mt. Taranaki, hiking in the country will change your life as you’ll enjoy a deeper connection with nature. You’ll be enamoured with the classic quaint backcountry hut system, the ridiculously complicated braided riverbeds, the towering mountains, ancient rainforests and world-renowned fiords.

As you battle with the challenging terrains, you’ll get a lesson on humility and as you stand face to face with the mountains, you’ll be forced to reflect on and gain perspective on how tiny you really are compared to the rest of the world. There’s no way you won’t be forced to be present, unless you want to fall and hurt yourself, which will most likely happen, anyway. As tough as hiking may sound, we don’t know anyone who regretted doing it.

4.      Meet people who are worlds apart from you

If you’re a culture buff or simply need to step outside your daily realities, it’s a good idea to go on a Maori heritage tour. You’ll get to enjoy an adventure that takes you across the North Island where you’ll experience the heart of New Zealand’s indigenous culture.

In between discovering the historical side of Wellington and wandering through age old forests, you’ll get to experience a Maori feast called a hangi. Meeting people who are so different from you and eating and drinking with them can be a life-changing experience you’ll not forget in a hurry as you begin to appreciate the uniqueness of the different people of the world.

PS – When planning your adventure, remember to add comprehensive travel insurance to your list of things to check off. Comprehensive travel insurance us usually covers things like, lost luggage, delayed flights, and health bills. For more information check out

5.      A road trip through the Southern Alps

The Snow Capped, Southern Alps. Credit: Jason Pratt

6.      Go diving

Whether you go alone or with company, diving is a fantastic way to see nature like you never have before. The adventure can be life changing and it can be incredible the nature that lives their lives below the sea, oblivious to what goes on in our world.

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve is a great destination for diving, where you’ll get to explore more than a hundred species of reef and pelagic fish. You’ll not want to miss seeing the area’s most impressive shipwreck sites, dramatic drop-offs and technicolour reefs. This adventure will require you getting a technical diving certification, but it’s absolutely worth it.

7.      Bungy jumping

Credit: Holdosi

There’s nothing that says “live more and fear less” more than bungy jumping. If you think sky diving is scary, think again! There’s a good chance your heart might threaten to burst out of your chest due to its rapid beating, right before you jump. Even if you’re terrified to death, the unforgettable feeling of bliss that comes over you as you fall weightless through the air is well worth it.

What are you waiting for? Book a life-changing adventure soon.

Why you should book Holiday Park accommodation in New Zealand

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Of course we had to start off the list with stating the obvious… Yes, we think Holiday Parks are awesome. Why? Because Holiday Parks are not just an accommodation option- they offer so much more! They can cater to large groups, small groups, couples, families... pretty much every traveler needing accommodation. The prices range to suit all types of budgets and holiday park facilities are practical, comfortable, clean and will exceed your expectations. There are large communal areas to gather in, playgrounds, trampolines, jumping pillows, pools, spa pools and so much more!

Keep reading to get a small glimpse of what New Zealand Holiday Parks have to offer…

Holiday Parks in New Zealand have the Best Locations!

On the edge of beautiful lakes, on the sandy shores of the pacific ocean, on the snowy hills of the south island, or in the middle of hot spot tourist destinations- Holiday Parks are all over New Zealand and situated in areas with million dollar views.

#FUN FACT New Zealand has over 350 Holiday Parks throughout the islands and range from traditional Camp Grounds to Resort Style Parks with Restaurants, Heated Pools, Water Slides, Kids Clubs and more

Photo Credit: Hot Water Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo Credit: Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park

Holiday Parks are Family Friendly Accommodation!

Holiday Parks are the perfect accommodation choice when traveling with children of all ages. Most Holiday Parks offer children play equipment or trampolines. An increasing number of Holiday Parks have full blown children playgrounds with new state of the art digital play, water features, sports courts or the infamous Jumping Pillows (a giant high grade inflatable air pillow which is great fun for the entire family).

During peak times- which include school holidays- many holiday parks will introduce a kids program to help keep the kids entertained and give you parents some rest and relaxation. Painting, sandcastle building, arts, crafts,

Photo: Kaikoura TOP 10 Holiday Park


Photo: Motueka TOP 10 Holiday Park

They have Hot Pools, Cold Pools, Spa Pools, Beaches and Lakes!

We have all jumped on Google and searched for accommodation with Pool, Spa Pool or Heated Pool before but did you know there are holiday parks with all of these options and more! If you find the perfect Holiday Park and they don't have a pool- it may likely be because they are in close proximity to a beach, river or lake for you to enjoy. Other parks have free access to local swimming areas too so make sure you check out their websites  before you look elsewhere.

Photo: Waihi TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Ohope TOP 10 Holiday Park

Bring a Tent, Caravan, Campervan or just bring your bag!

Holiday Parks are the perfect place to meet the family and pitch a tent or bring the caravan/ campervan and enjoy some time out. Over recent years, parks all over the country have been investing in quality powered, non powered and roofed accommodation. There are a range of different types of accommodation options available and as an added bonus, if they are booked out through the peak periods, you will often find special rates for this accommodation during quieter months. Most Holiday Parks will have linen, crockery etc for hire on site or free for use in the communal areas. Some even have cafes or restaurants onsite! 

So before you book your next stay... check out to see if one of these amazing parks are in the surrounding area.

Photo: Te Anau TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park

Photo: Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park

Rotorua Wet Weather Activities

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Polynesian spa

Warm yourself up in Rotorua’s unique Thermal pools with a range of options for everyone. Deluxe lake front pools, Adult only pools, Private pools and Family friendly pools. Polynesian spa also has amazing Spa Therapies options, Mud wraps to massages if you want to spoil yourself or someone special this is the place to go. Located in Rotorua City centre it is an easy walk from most accommodation. You will lose hours bathing in the therapeutic water lucky it does not close until 11pm each day.

Culture Evening

Rotorua offers a range of culture experiences, but by far the Culture Evenings are the gem of them all. Our TOP 3 picks; all include the traditional Hangi meal cultural performance and pick up/ drop off from your accommodation. 

Te Po / Te Puia (Picture Above) Located in the infamous Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve on the edge of Rotorua city, takes you back through time to what it really was like for Native Rotorua Maoris and how they survived in the geothermal environment that they were living in. Te Po offer a range of added options with their cultural evenings including guided tours through the geothermal valley, Kiwi experiences and the weaving and calving schools. You will finish your tour enjoying a hot chocolate in front of the Pohutu Geyser.

Mitai, An evening at Mitai will give you an authentic introduction to Maori culture leaving you amazed and in awe. Be enthralled by the natural bush surroundings as you take a short walk through one of the best native forest in New Zealand to witness the Warriors paddling down the Wai-o-whiro stream in a hand carved Waka (canoe).The night ends in a magical way, A short stroll down to one of the clearest fresh water springs you will ever see to view the only glow worms in Rotorua in their natural habitat.

Tamaki, Journey to the outskirts of Rotorua, to a Maori village nestled in an ancient forest. The night begins with a sacred ceremony welcoming you into the village, where you get to walk around and participate in traditional games and dances including the very famous Haka. Followed by New Zealand’s most awarded Cultural performance and dinner. Special mention to Tamaki’s very amusing 20 minute shuttle ride to and from its location.

 If you ever wanted to learn about the Maori culture, an Evening show is a MUST!!!

Skyline Rotorua

Skyline Rotorua is an award winning activity that has so much to offer for every visitor to Rotorua. Enjoy the best New Zealand cuisine for lunch or dinner with the magnificent views of Rotorua in the Stratosphere Restaurant. If you want to raise your heart rate Skyline is the perfect way to do this you can swing from great heights on the Skyline Skyswing or Zip down over the top of redwood trees on the Skyline Zooline. Race your family and friends down the one of a kind Mountain bike track or enjoy the sights as you glide down in one of the luge carts. Skyline is an all-weather Family adventure park you are even able to gaze at the stars with the brand new stargazing experience. Skyline is the future in adventure tourism.

Rotorua Rafting

Rotorua is home to the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world - Tutea Falls is 7m high located on the Kaituna River (Grade 5.) On a rainy day there is nothing better than rafting off a 7 meter water fall… outstanding scenery, heart pumping rapids and world class kiwi guides - White Water Rafting in New Zealand doesn't get any better than this. This is a once in a life time opportunity that never disappoints.

Rotorua Museum Art-Cultural-Heritage

Rotorua Museum is absolutely stunning, here you can learn all about Rotorua’s rich Maori heritage and the geothermal activity which has shaped rotorua into what it is today. Ever changing exhibits keep this museum up to date and refreshing. Climb to the very top of the museum and look out over the mud pools and sulfer lakes or go deep down into the basement and look at the old bathing pipes used years ago for therapy treatments to help the wounded soldier’s. Rotorua Museum is a place not to miss when traveling through.

In short here in Rotorua the weather does not inhibit our visitors in any way you are still able to learn about our culture, taste our food, raft over a 7 m waterfall or gaze at the stars. Rotorua is an unmissable stop while traveling through New Zealand. See you all soon.

Reasons camping in New Zealand is awesome

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New Zealand is a country that has it all. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear lakes, natural rivers, waterfalls and endless stretches of forest and farm lands for all to explore. The sky is clearer, the air is fresher... Can you tell this is written by a Kiwi (New Zealander) yet? Hehe

Here are a few reasons to camp on our two 'little-to-you' but 'big-to-us' islands... all the way at the bottom of the Earth. Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

We are spoilt for choice here in New Zealand. At all times, no matter where you are located, the beach is less than a couple hours drive. There are many beach front camp sites scattered around New Zealand and dozens of beach front Holiday Parks too.

Our Stars

With less light pollution than many places around the globe, here in New Zealand the night sky lights up like 'still fireworks' when the clouds have cleared away. We are also ranked Number #1 of the first people in the world to see the Sun Rise and Set each day. The perfect place to camp out on New Years eve and spend the first Sunrise of the year with your loved ones.. Romantic? Sentimental? Yup, we definitely think so. 


Doesn't this picture say it all. If you're looking to become at one with nature or clear your head of all your troubles and stresses... pack up your camping/ hiking gear, grab a friend and come visit us here in New Zealand! 

Vast Terrain 

Farmland meets ocean, ocean meets river, river meets lake... The scenery here in New Zealand is broad and beautiful. Our roads have frequent stops where you can pull over and gaze out at stunning views. Camping with a view is something that's really not  hard to come by because there is so much beauty to be seen! 

Hidden Treasures

New Zealand has some stunning hidden treasures. Our state highway goes past beautiful Bays, Cities, Volcanoes, Waterfalls, Native Forests and Wildlife. Just last week we stopped on the side of the road (between Napier and Taupo) and found a lookout point to the most spectacular waterfall. 

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

Of course we were going to feature our home town here! We are spoilt for lake choices in Rotorua, New Zealand. One of the most interesting things about New Zealand Lakes is the powerful stories behind the Lake and how it came to be. There are many places throughout the country where you can camp lake side. Amazing holiday parks offer the best of both worlds, a spectacular view and a hot shower. 

Perfect for Families and Friends

New Zealand has everything you need and more to make memorable, life long memories with your family and friends. Glaciers and Mountain tops, Forests and Oceans... Everything to make a holiday of a lifetime but not cost you your whole piggy bank. 

So what are you waiting for? Start saving and come check us out. x


"The accommodations are top of the line, with a heated swimming pool, excellent showers, shiny toilets and perfectly beautiful grass all over. The staff was welcoming and helpful and because it's located where it is, the night sky is amazing when the sky is clear."

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